Da Blog Epilogue

Dear one and all, almost four months ago our big trip around the block in the Beast came to an end and we have returned to our humble abode in the leafy Brisbane suburb of Chapel Hill.

Hubby spent the first month back cleaning the Beast; vacuuming up all the red dirt that had infiltrated every nook and cranny and applying copious amounts of elbow grease to get the Beast nice and shiny, inside and out. It was a real credit to him.


We advertised the Beast on the internet, posting the ad on a Wednesday. On the Friday had a call from a couple who were very eager to see it and that Sunday the chap flew up from Tasmania. The next day a deposit arrived in our bank account and thus the Beast was sold, luckily to a great couple who, I’m sure will enjoy it as much as we did. It sat on our front lawn for another month while their funds became available and only then did we actually part with it. As it drove out of our street for the very last time, I was sad to bid it farewell. The fond memories of our luxury trip around Oz will be preserved in the many images and videos I took.


Returning to civilization again gave us the pleasure (read “stress”) of dealing with utility suppliers so that we could have the luxury of things like TV & internet, unfortunately their call-centre employees, who have names like Dave and Betty but speak with distinctive Indian accents, don’t know their elbows from their arse holes (excuse the French).

Having the knowledge that we would be back on a certain date gave us the advantage to line up the installation ahead of time so that, as we walked in the front door, we would have these essential services immediately available at our finger tips…or so we thought!

At some stage, during the 15 months we were away, the NBN was rolled out in our suburb (for anyone not living in Australia this was supposed to be top notch fibre-optic technology to give us increased internet speed to rival….hmmm let me think; Uzbekistan or Outer Mongolia perhaps). Unfortunately the coordination between the NBN and our tel-co was sadly lacking and the fact that our last tenants removed the all-important NBN box from our premises meant that they needed to do a new installation then wait for an undetermined length of time depending on the phase of the moon and the tidal flow of the Brisbane River for one to notify the other that everything was in place. This took another four days, I guess they couldn’t just phone one another or send an email but no; the courier pigeon is still obviously the preferred mode of communication, I just hate the thought of them trying to squeeze one through a strand of glass fibre!

After several days with still no internet I decided to phone our tel-co to track the progress of the poor courier pigeon. As we are now connected to the NBN we can no longer plug a phone into the wall socket and be able to talk to people, now the calls are all made via VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) which works great as long as you have, you guessed it, the internet. Luckily we had mobile phones, albeit on “pay as you go” monthly basis; until the same tel-co, which shall remain nameless, decided to forget to apply my automatic payment that month which left me without a mobile phone as well.

You have to love the Indians, such an optimistic mob; when I phoned (using Hubby’s still functioning phone) to report our issues they said it could take up to 24 hours and asked if it would be best for them to call me back on my landline or mobile phone….DOH! And hubby wonders why I prefer to be on the road; a perpetual Wandering Segal.

Not ones to sit still for too long, earlier this month we made a small road trip to Sydney to celebrate my father’s 90th birthday.

Dad enjoying a laugh on his 90th birthday

This time we traveled in the comfort of a our new Prius V. It can’t be said that the Wandering Segals don’t like to go from one extreme to the other. The Beast was the ultimate fuel guzzler getting about 4.5 Kilometers per litre compared to our hybrid Prius which uses a mere 4.5 litre per 100 kilomters. Suffice it to say it cost us less to drive to Sydney than to fly.

My old stomping ground; Bondi Beach

We did, however feel a tad invisible, not one truckie, grey nomad nor delivery van waved to us as we drove along in our plain white sedan.

For those of you who are not yet bored with all the images I’ve posted on social media, you can find more pictures and videos of our travels with the Beast via the links below.

See some of our videos here.

See a gazillion photos here.



Author: The Wandering Segals

I am only one half of the "Wandering Segals" team, hubby and I are avid travellers, crossing continents and oceans to explore new destinations. I am a photographer and blogger and hope you find my posts, not just entertaining, but informative too.

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